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How To Invest
in Turn-Key Investment Property in Austin, TX
How To Invest in
TurnKey Investment Property in Austin, TX
By Kenn Renner
As Seen On HGTV's "House Hunters"
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Secret #1: How To Easily Diversify Assets Into Cash Flow "Real Property"
For over 30 years, Kenn has helped investors diversify their assets out of volatile markets (i.e. stock market) into stable, cash flow positive real estate. Tax deferred and tax free!
Secret #2: How To Create Passive Streams of Income
Secret #2: How To Create Passive Streams of Income
Central Texas Real Estate provides positive cash flow and equity growth for investors and has proven to be recession resistant for the past 30 years!
Secret #3: How To Turn One House Into Nine
Secret #3: How To Turn One House Into Nine
Discover how Kenn helped a client turn one house in California into nine houses in Texas, tripling his client's monthly cash flow and allowing him to retire early!

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 Speaker For This MasterClass:
Kenn Renner
Real Estate Investor
Kenn Renner is an international speaker, author, investor, real estate expert and entrepreneur. He has closed over $500 million in real estate sales since 1983. Kenn is a best-selling author of six nationally published books, several booklets, news columns and articles.

A highly respected entrepreneur, Kenn has been featured as a guest expert on several episodes of HGTV’s #1 rated show “House Hunters”. He has produced over 1000 videos, created the number one ranked Real Estate Video Channel in the world having over 11 million views ( Kenn speaks on the subjects of Real Estate, Goal Setting and is a State of Texas Continuing Education Instructor (ret.). He has been a co-host on local and nationally syndicated radio shows. 

For 40 years, Kenn has been helping investors reposition assets into recession resistant real estate holdings in areas that have been proven to provide positive cash flow and equity appreciation. In this exclusive webinar created for local, international and CALIFORNIA INVESTORS, listen as Kenn helps you unlock new passive income equity growth, tax shelter opportunities and a path to financial freedom through real estate. Kenn is a turn-key provider, specializing in property acquisition, management and expert guidance for the life of his client's Texas investments.
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