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Present & Future

Kenn Renner has been focusing on expanding his real estate practice into new and exciting directions. He is creating new programs and marketing systems that will allow him to leverage technology, his public speaking passion and his producing abilities into new products and services for his clientele. He is currently developing a state-of-the-art real estate website as well as a web “portal” that will go way beyond the real estate norm. Kenn’s website, BUYAUSTIN.COM will be an incredible resource for those seeking to buy, sell or invest in real estate. He is also leveraging his recent experience with the national television show “House Hunters” - HGTV’s #1 rated real estate reality show with over 2 million weekly viewers. He is producing video tours of his listings to complement the normal virtual tours to give his web audience a feel for his client’s listing - House Hunters style. He is also video showcasing his seminars and webinars.

In addition to television publicity, Kenn was a co-host on Austin’s #1 rated real estate radio talk show. Real Estate Radio airs live every Saturday from 1-3 p.m. on A.M. 1370. It streams live worldwide on Listeners can get the latest wisdom on real estate trends as well as hear about the newest developments in Austin and abroad and can even call into the show for expert advice. The shows are cataloged on this website and available on free Podcasts.

Kenn is continuing his seminar circuit covering real estate related topics as well as expanded topics such as “Purpose, Goal Setting and Time Management”. The American Dream Seminar series will be offered at Amplify Credit Union as well as local universities and colleges. A series of e-books will also be offered in the near future as well as a new inspirational music release from his band - Austin Breeze.

In 2007, Kenn secured his position as one of Austin’s top real estate brokers ranking #2 in Total Closed transactions in the Austin Business Journal’s Book of Lists. He was also honored to be the August cover story for Broker Agent Magazine, a national real estate publication. After 25 years in real estate and over $200 million in closed transactions, Kenn is ready to take his company and his clients to new levels.

Stay tuned and enjoy the ride!


Kenn Renner grew up in Southern California. He was raised by a corporate real estate attorney who ingrained in him the idea of real estate as a way of life. His dad said to him “focus on real estate and finance and you will do fine”. In 1980, his family moved to Anchorage, Alaska where they focused on apartment renovation and development. Kenn graduated from high school, started college and at the same time he earned his first real estate license at age 19. While going to college he worked in sales and property management. By age 21 he earned his first brokers license making him the youngest Broker in the state. That year he also purchased his first investment property which he sold 6 months later for a $20,000 profit. It did not take long for him to realize that a career in real estate and helping others was going to be a way of life. While living in Alaska he pursued other passions including fly-in fishing, skiing, writing and recording music. While working real estate by day he would perform music in the clubs by night, in fact his first band was called “Nightshift”.

By 1985, the real estate development and sales climate cooled in the Anchorage area and the whole Alaska economy was affected. Not wanting to change careers Kenn decided to change locations. He moved back to Southern California where he obtained his CA real estate license and quickly entered into the booming sales and finance market of the late ‘80’s. There he met his future wife, Michele, while working at a mortgage banking firm. It was a good time, high rise office buildings, living at the beach and at night still enjoying recording and performing music. He joined a popular act, The 5:15 Band, and took the role of manager as well as keyboard player. Kenn was able to promote the band to regional success, opening for Crystal Gale, performing live on Platinum radio station 95.5 K.L.O.S. as well as performing the National Anthem at Anaheim Stadium for an Angel game.

While his career boomed in the heat of the Southern California market he decided to hone his skills by attending motivational and inspirational seminars. One such course was a weekend in Palm Springs where he met Jim Rohn. This led him to more passions – how do design and create a desirable future and public speaking.

By the early 1990’s the boom times were slowing in the So Cal real estate market, however Kenn had finally saved enough to start investing. But realizing that the California market was headed for a correction he did not want to invest his hard earned dollars in an over inflated market. So he took a map of the US out and started studying housing trends in other areas of the nation. He was looking for an area that was a desirable place to live and that had a good chance for appreciation. Areas that met the criteria at the time were in Arizona, Florida, Colorado & Texas. His future Father-in-law, George Walter, encouraged him to check out Austin, Texas. In 1992 he flew to Austin to check out the real estate market, and what he found exceeded his high expectations. A nice, clean city with friendly people, great music, bargain real estate and entrepreneurial opportunity! He immediately made plans to make Austin his new home. He convinced his wife Michele that Austin would be a great place to raise a family and build a business. They both took a leap of faith and moved to Austin where they built a house and opened up a mortgage company and real estate company.

In 1994, Kenn produced The American Dream Seminar, a step-by-step system detailing how to purchase and finance a home. The seminar quickly became very popular and Kenn was able to help hundreds of clients into their homes. Kenn was able to help his clients buy AND finance their homes by offering a unique one stop real estate & mortgage company. As the high tech boom of the late 1990’s heated up Kenn expanded his strategy into real estate investing. He realized that the homes he was selling to first time homebuyers were also ideal for the real estate investor. Soon he was selling scores of homes to investors who were taking advantage of the appreciation, high rents and low vacancy rates. By early 2000 the high tech boom was coming to an end and in turn the Austin real estate market cooled as well. Having started a family and not wanting to relocate again, Kenn & Michele decided to stay put and weather the Austin soft bust of the 2000 to 2003. During that time he was able to take time to enjoy his young children, Justin and Christine. He also produced and recorded a full length music CD with his band, Austin Breeze, showcasing Americana music - Austin style. The album, Tunes From The Hill Country was recorded in Dripping Springs, a small town in the back country of Texas. Kenn wrote most of the material for the CD which featured several guest artists.

At the end of 2003, signs of a real estate recovery in Austin appeared. Kenn and his clients started investing once again taking advantage of bargain real estate. Kenn also observed the booming values in California and other western states. Being a studier of real estate market booms and busts, he produced a very successful investing seminar educating west coast attendees on the advantages of investing in the Texas, specifically the Austin real estate market. By 2004 he was helping scores of clients find great properties and mentoring them through the process of buying, leasing and property management. As the west coast markets surged to a frenzied peak in 2005, Texas continued it’s steady, modest appreciation. Inevitably, as predicted, the overheated appreciating real estate markets of California, Nevada, Florida etc. came to a halt and headed for a correction. Meanwhile in 2006 & 2007, Kenn and his Austin investors enjoyed a relative safe haven from the crashing values of other areas such as Phoenix, Vegas, Florida and the Inland Empire. With the other parts of the Nation experiencing tougher times - investors, companies, employees and entrepreneurs continue to look to Austin as a wonderful place to “move to”. As Austin continues to be the focus of national and international attention, Kenn and his associates are poised to move his clients into the bright and exciting future they deserve – Austin style.

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